Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Yaya Meals

Would you serve Kim Chiu a yaya meal?

Political correctness has a tendency to go overboard. Nagigi tuloy OA minsan - over asserted. Overacting.

One does not preach to the choir unless the choir itself has forgotten the song.

I think yaya meals are a novelty of pop culture. Essentially harmless. That is as far as it goes. We'd be fine if only our thoughts as a nation about the matter is not as shallow.

Kasambahays, katulongs, helpers, drivers... etc. These are all working class Filipinos. They each have and possess their own common dignity. Under our Republic they are already contributors to the common good. Each of them share equal citizenship with all Filipinos.

My sister and I had two dear yayas growing up. Yaya Delia who was from Cagayan up north and Yaya Cherry who was from Leyte. I can tell you, so many years after, that my love and appreciation for them can only grow in time. We ate what our yayas cooked and it was usually for everybody. So if each yaya meal included kiddie meals at a discount, you know, I think that would be a great.

There is nothing malicious about yaya meals, I don't think. Creative if maybe misinterpreted. It is another economic choice on offer. One we may all freely accept or decline.

However, if it becomes an imposition on our liberty rather than a free choice.

That's another story.

Would you serve Emma a yaya meal on her birthday?

Capitalism is a national proposition. It is not a class predisposition.

It has everything to do with material liberation and human happiness. It is not either or. 

It is both supporting both.

It is human enterprise arising from the depths of the human condition; happiness as a personal pursuit in the context of a common national ambition.

It is capable of improving the spiritual condition of the human being in the citizen through economic progress and the advancement of temporal means inclusive to the common weal of the free State.

It is through Country a means toward better means and invincible ends.

Greed had nothing to do with it from beginning to end.