Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Love is Magic

Let me tell you, "Got to Believe" made me a believer in our ability to produce a good Telenovela. It was a clear and refreshing break from the normal "iyakan" at "apihan" that I find discouraging in Filipino movies and teleseries.

I decided to see Got to Believe with my mom just to try it out. From the beginning, we were hooked. The premises were so well crafted from the start that we thoroughly enjoyed the whole series up to the finale. It was happy, sad, inspiring, cute and most of all - it was local. It was intimate and familiar. We can relate.

Much like the Filipino town perya where the characters in the story came together, fell apart and finally came together again in the end - the script, the sound, the cinematography, the cast and crew...

everything blended together in Got to Believe to become that beautiful and magical ride that it is.

It made for good times, great craft.  Thanks very much to the cast and crew... Lovely! You are all lovely.

I believe in magic, do you?
That dreams, they do come true.
That our days shan't always be blue.
That love shall see the lovers through.
And the magic is, and the magic is...
Got to believe in magic, with you.

 I already love the song. Now I love the series.