Sunday, April 12, 2015

Thoughts on "We, the People"

IF TODAY we were to mythologize the history of our Republic, the chief protagonist of the story would be "we, the people"; the one, the true, the brave.

Another hundred years from now, this would still be true.

If only we were fully aware of this...

As a believer in "we, the people", I affirm the virtues of the Philippine State reside always in the people; that wisdom substantial for the good of all is entrusted to the keeping of the Filipino public in every generation.

When power in human government being ever in need of a constant source of strength and renewal finds in the people, no better source; rule and reliance is established in a State that is Republican and Democratic.

For in whom sovereignty resides is through whom the national sovereignty must be constantly ensured and preserved and government that is made to recognize the source of its authority is made capable of bearing trustworthy fruit.

If all our troubles as a Republic were to lead to a peaceful awakening in ourselves; one that empowers the nation and thus, enables the government of the nation to advance our vision in time, then we owe it to our past to make a way for our tomorrow. And the present shall not seem so muddled and dim. 

Rizal's awakened pen and the awakened souls of our illustrious founding generations never had a hope so great as our freedoms to be such - a nation brightly lit.

There is nothing as fundamental to the justice of human community as life and to her laws as the right to live in peaceful communion with others living within her.

Thus, again we are returned in our quiet meanderings to the people - the life of the nation.

The people are to be defended, the nation preserved.

Human dignity is to be recognized in all Filipinos and the human potential in each our persons upheld.

That the law of the State and the justice of the State derive their fundamental natures from ideals original to and characteristic of all our citizens as human beings. That the law serve, for the people observe, and the people observe for justice both preserve them and persevere in them.

We shall always be served by finding our beginnings therefrom whenever we need to...

I also presently observe that we, the people, in not being fully aware of this, at times allow ourselves to be obsessed by some passing evil and spurred by diverse forms of desperation often act in haste and that grave consequences especially in matters of State follow in the usual and confound us in its wake.

An example of this is when we as an electorate elect, set apart and call into authority more than a few leaders unfit for the spirit and reality of the Country we are trying to establish for ourselves and our posterity.

We forget to recall the symbolic value of the vote in the same way we unconsciously profane the mythic vision of a people, free and fair, living within the embrace of a Republic that is the dominion of their own sovereign peace. We have a right to be here. 

The rich tapestry of our pre-history now remain largely unavailable to us, but the living memory that is spiritual (water) can never be denied our nation. T'was a blessing unto us before we were a people.

If we were a Country with artificial frontiers; that "we are" is Providential.

Were we to rebel against the dictates of Providence, our peace upon this earth shall always be one that is by the sword sustained. Never to us as Country shall be made known from heaven, a peace that is to itself sufficient - being of its own remembrance, alive and one.

So I understand the wounds of our colonial past. I try to, I have them within myself as well. I know that the wounding may not be by our own hand but the healing shall not come by any other hand but our own.

And if our hearts have become so familiar with the pain that our minds have come to think to ourselves we are no longer in need of the truth, why do each present time cry out still for a remedy to hurts time itself has left unforgot?

How do we reconcile ourselves to these labors?

Can we be hero and anti-hero at the same time?