Monday, March 16, 2015

Salutation #202

(Blessed are the Peacemakers)


Consider how
War in Heaven abideth not. 

Consider the choice
with which the Holy Angels chose
to freely honor the one LORD.

Consider how
Michael and his angels
fought against the Dragon and his angels;
how the Holy Angels turned away
form the lies of the Devil
and thus,
attained Peace
with the Eternal God.

Consider the Peace
that the Holy Angels attained
through the LORD, our one God,
and the everlasting Unity through which
the Devil and his corrupted angels
lost their place in Heaven

All children of the light
in Heaven and upon the Earth
are known as thus, peacemakers!

let us live not to contend against War
but to become united in the Truth.

Consider how
the Holy Angels
in knowing not the truth
in humility were vindicated
in the Truth.

As thus
did the Sky of Day
come restored
in Peace over War.

For not as judges
against each other in Heaven
did Michael and his Angels obtain
an everlasting Victory
over the Dragon and his corrupted angels
but through humility before the LORD.

Let us be builders 
of human communities
and defenders of the peace!

Let us build 
(especially as nations)
and let us do this together 
that through human community
we may know what we may defend
in the peace we shall through God obtain
in behalf of each other's human good - forever!

Let us be united
(especially as nations)
in peace upon the earth
with good will in our hearts
before the LORD, our one God,
until War in all Creation
is no more.

The war in heaven is in our hearts. 

Heaven is not upon a distant sky or shore but in the soul, an intimate and limitless treasure.

It is not above, not below, not beyond our reality but very much closer by, within ourselves.