Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Month of the Rosary

We can not build the right world with the wrong values.

October is the Month of the Rosary and October 7, the Feast Day of our Lady of the Rosary.

The history that runs parallel to the spirituality of the Rosary is one of hope, battle, and victory. It is a history that is - in itself - also in constant need of the transformative power of prayer!

For all of human history is in need of Redemption. Let us think about this when we look at the problems that beset our family of Nations in our present time. We need to make the past bury the past - a lot.

Our present time needs prayer, for where the present seem dark, it needs to be won through prayer - and an attitude of spirit and thought - one of holy communion and therefore, illumination. 

For the eye of the heart sees by shining outward not in. And so we perceive the present - spiritually - not as what it is but always by the light of what it should - hence, the blind can not lead the blind. 

Man must have recourse to prayer - as a common human need. And so let us know in our hearts today - all human hearts, for as long as they are human, must pray. And let us together universally develop an abiding respect of those who pray - for all prayer is battle.

Indeed, O Christian soul, we must together fight for these necessary things and the interior rewards they promise in the battle of prayer - joined with the common prayer of all Mankind.

That in our seeking for the LORD, our God, we may be found by Him in a posture that is truly becoming of our inward relationship with the Father of all our hearts, in a posture of freely giving (Christ-love) and therefore, of freely receiving (Christ-joy).

We win these things (and more) not in shallow waters - but by setting our souls forth into deep water - deeply immersing ourselves in our thoughts - nearer and nearer to our Lord, Jesus Christ, as Word of the Father, accompanied by our Lady of the Rosary - with hearts alive to the Love of the Holy Spirit -

Seeking to set the world on fire.

The month of the Rosary is a month dedicated to the battle of prayer - and the little victories that can be won through the Mother to the Son - unto the Final Victory no less of Peace over War -

And the realization of the hope of all human Nations - in the glory of God forever!

So let us together pray the Rosary this month for peace in our times... and peace around our world...

I myself am not a perfect vessel to deliver to you these words, my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. My prayer life is quite lacking for I am a sinner in need of God's constant care and mercy.

But I never give up. I have always been stubborn like this... but God broke me and made me His. I fall and I fall and I fall but I simply can not be not Christ's.

And so, despite everything, we should also never give up on making ourselves better instruments of God - souls made straight and hearts made new - alight with the right values, loving spirits ready to raise up for the LORD, a braver, better world for our humanity - true to our common salutation, Peace.