Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Awesome vs. Not Awesome

Awesome - Elizabeth Smart.

Look at you, sister Smart, you have grown in maturity and grace!

Thank God your terrible ordeal at the hands of your jailers have passed and now they - who did abuse your freedom in your youth are now themselves without freedom in their old age.

For they were not able to mature as you did, Elizabeth. You have grown in measure and dignity where they have weakened - and by the grace of the LORD, here you are. 

Their evil was not able to triumph over you, not before, not during the unhappy days of your captivity, and most certainly not now. And so may you long endure.

You kept what truly only belonged to you, Elizabeth, that which is only thine to give that none can ever take from thy soul by deception or force - and now, by the love of our Savior, here you are.

Not Awesome - these two.


Let us pray for Brian Mitchell and Wanda Barzee, may God have mercy on them and teach them of the Justice that does not seek to impose itself by fear but is freely sought because it is a virtue both highly esteemed and deeply loved by the heart of all Mankind - of love and mercy and truth embraced - and freely given - for the repair of the human spirit and the restoration of the human heart.

Personal Reflection

The most important possession of a girl or a woman can never be taken from her by deception or force by any man or creature on earth or in heaven.

For it must proceed freely from her spirit and is truth.

This is not the same as the last ages, the liberation of Woman from the receding tides of things past is ever in effect, especially in this new age of spirit and thought.

Woman as every Man's complementary but equal half - each a human being,
one whole in their persons that - when taken together, through the blessing of the LORD,
form a new creation of Love - in the wedlock union between Man and Wife
wherein new worlds are begun again anew with every human family.