Monday, August 12, 2013

The Silence of Man

...who was with her...

- Genesis 3: 6

I wonder about the silence of Adam.

The Serpent at the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil, did not represent evil, though - in that very particular - it carried an evil will.

Not all Serpents, however, are evil inspired - the Seraph Serpent in the Sinai at the time of the Patriarch Moses, was raised to save many lives.

The Tree itself was not representative of an evil in the Garden of our common origins but of a good. For all things at the time were indeed, very good.

The command of the LORD about the Tree itself which is complete allegiance to God represented "the Knowledge" that was represented by the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil as the not partaking of it, was truth itself.

And in the symbology of Genesis, I am convinced, the Serpent represented the strangest of strangers to Man - the creature most unlike himself. And woman, the most familiar... In fact, the only one, the ONLY one who is like Man, the only living soul (i.e. a soul congnizant of its cognizance of itself) in all of creation Adam could identify with - his faithful helper upon whom he could depend, his loyal friend unto whom he could trust, and his beloved wife whom he was destined to love and to hold as one - forever.

So Adam just looked by as the Strangest of Strangers whispered into Eve's own heart? We all know the result - for we all know of it's inescapable pains. Why was Man silent in Woman's most desperate hour?

I know I wouldn't. The Man in me would most definitely revolt at the sight and would very probably have intervened in some way.

This strange silence, it seems to me, had something to do in the suffering of Woman through the ages just as much as the Fall of our First Parents had something to do with the death of our common humanity from the Original Truth we were once completely alive unto in the LORD and in All living creation.

BUT at the Cross of our Redemption, our blessed Lord, Jesus Christ, was NOT silent in Woman's most desperate hour.

In that most tender and loving of moments, as our Savior waited in agony for the embrace of death, He gave unto each of us through Saint John, His Mother - the Blessed Virgin Mary - to be our Mother - the Mother of the Church - and just as importantly - afterwards, our Savior gave Adam back to his Eve and Eve back to her Adam - making peace whole again between Man and Woman - eternally.

"Qui Tacet Consentire" - "Who is Silent Gives Consent".

Can Man afford to remain silent again?

There is no weaker sex, only the perception of weakness wrought by the division that the sin of the Devil had also placed between the man and his most faithful helper.

There is only man and there is only woman. And there is only man and woman joined together by God in their particular strengths to form the nucleus of every human family.

Salutation #172 - The Parity of the Sexes