Saturday, August 3, 2013

Love Recognizes

V. Love Recognizes -

Do not lay all your cards on the table.
Keep nothing hidden in your sleeves too.
Be honest but be careful about the truth.
Be open to what you accept - in thy heart -
but be vigilant about what you receive as well.

Above all, love.

Love that you might know the truth.
Love that you may be open to the truth
and in return, receive more love.

Love that you may always
have something to lay on the table
and love that you may always
have strength enough to love
without holding love back.

Remember, my darling,
the door of thy heart opens
from the inside not from the outside
that you may know to open yourself
- to love and to be loved -.
often... and freely... and deeply.

So love then and in return be loved,
that you may begin to know the truth
even when love to you is yet unknown.

Did not God do the same for us?

Love recognizes, let it begin...