Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Least of These...

The stranger is -
thy soul shrouded in darkness;
our humanity surrounded in suspicion...
to steal from God, thy fear
or to cause thy love, be near!

The prisoner is -
thy soul clothed in chains,
fetters whether placed by man or God -
they who to thy own indifference - bind thee
or to thy own freedom, set thee free!

The orphan is -
thy soul invested in weakness,
in the isolated and the dispossessed;
they for whom thy strength is true power
or they for whom thou art made utterly weak!

The widow is -
thy soul shedding bitter tears
in the shadow of those that were... and was -
they for whom thy hope is daring, o soul of caring!
Or they for whom thy own living... is but a certain dying...

- selah -

Ever to the Glory that was... and Is...
and shall be Forevermore!