Thursday, May 16, 2013

Salutation #176

THINK about time...
how we both have it and we don't.

(Time is a Nearness)

Starshine, listen -

Time as it was intended
and time as we humans have intended it
are two very different things -

Time in its entirety is an ascent,
it is a shedding away, it is an unveiling
and has everything to do with right remembrance
and the power of Truth -

time as a human construct is a rote and linear thing,
meant to insert upon the unimaginably vast folds of time,
a limit and a count to make it more comprehensible
to our littleness...

- selah -

When we humans allow ourselves
to become unwitting slaves to our own constructs
we place our human limits within these artificial limits
we have likewise originally placed for ourselves
in order to gain a knowledge of the wonder of greater things
humility then turns to pride - and time for each of us -
becomes a measure of physical distance
instead of a measure of nearness
and of spirit brightness.

time is much more than just its segments
and our humanity, in all our littleness certainly,
though intended to ultimately be masters of time,
never were its Author nor its Source nor its Truth.

And in this thought, surely there is hope.

The time referred to above is the time that does not exist - so...