Monday, May 27, 2013

II. The Republic

To Old Glory, an ode - 

at thy Birthing art forever conceived -
the home of the free, for the free, by the free
ensuring a government for the people, and by the people
carrying aloft the will and the mandate of all thy generations!

The vision of thy conception thus enshrined 
and the ideals of thy belonging thus conserved
through the economy of thy generations preserved
that Thou, that Dream - orphaned to thy own world, 
in spirit borne unto shores, distant and new, by pilgrim wings, 
to become a peculiar appearance upon the earth, a peculiar people -
art One - reborn into a unity of many, embracing a nation that is free 
and forever now endowed with thy own Spirit, faithful and true
vigilant in thy defense, and kept by God forever true to thy memory -
a nascent labor of Country, gained in Him, and through His grace
constantly achieved by thy own faith in His Providential trust.

at the Crossroads of Independence -
refused to be a nation in thy Spirit suppressed
by any power of hell or human dominion spread upon earth
nor enslaved by whim of tyrants with freedoms, evil and strange,  
than THIS, the dominion thou hast at thy Birthing established
in Covenant with God, and before all thy kindred nations in Eternity,
for Thou art fully invested in thy becoming, as a work of His hands,  
stronger for each thy hope in each thy present generations arising 
brighter for each thy days lived in memory of every generations past,
thou art like a song that in the stillness of thy heart gets better and better 
with every music that begins to play for all thy generations left unsung.
Thou wert a labor of the LORD, forever unworthy of another!
For the freedom of God shall be the inheritance of thy nationhood
and its principles thou hast with all thy heart resolved to keep forever.

Indeed, this is thy Liberty and well suited to thy love and allegiance  
and Thou art today for shame if thy own freedoms are not wholly thine
and that Thou art for naught today if thy own honor thou shalt desert
for truly Thou art in courage better served - always - than in fear
and so Thou called forth thy own Great Defender to thy common defense
(for Thou art His, the LORD's, and may this be of thy conviction forevermore)
and an army rallied to the first thy great and noble Fathers, George the free,
for as a nation thou resolved to be led - even unto war and its attendant evils.

Thus in thy will of love and fraternal sacrifice,
even unto the shedding of thy blood and thy tears
Thou - through the travails and terrors of battle enduring and persevering -
did come to recognize in the ensuing clarity, the quiet dignity of Thy peoplehood;
of what formlessness has made Thee as a form upon the earth - 
of what Spirit truly made thy citizenship utterly and completely thine.

dedicated to the Principles Thou undertook at thy Birth
thou forsook the old in order to become the new 
and took on the name, America, the United.

And in thy bravery and in thy self-reliance 
and with all thy imperfections glaring, 
and with all thy hopes still shining
thou went to be thy Republic - 

From the fires of Yorktown
arose thy eagle wings!

Guard thee thy remembrances well and in this faith persevere...
Lest we forget, lest we forget: This we'll defend: This Memorial Day 2013.