Monday, May 27, 2013

Beyond the Ticks and the Tocks

Where is time found?

Is time behind us, can we look back
and see a stretch of past time disappearing
far, far back into the millions of years ago?

Where is time found?

Is time in front of us, can we gaze into the future
and see all the tomorrows that lay ahead of our hearts
far, far unto the unmade way of our lives in every moment born
from all those limitless horizons along the forever path?

Where is time found...
when it is neither behind us nor in front of us
but everywhere surrounding us?
Bursting forth from the abundant activity of our souls,
arising from the face of the deep, growing by God's nurture,
from each and every spirit that gives it breath
time is - in every moment we realize and recognize
the truth - from the timeless in all our very human hearts,
and all truth illuminated from the brightness shining in our spirits,
giving form and shape to the realities that arise everywhere about us
surrounding all that surround the totality of the human experience
like a great and mysterious chrysalis...

Where is time found...
but in all those moments without count?
Where does the timeless remembrance of time remain
after all the darkness in our eyes has fled forever into oblivion
but in the infinite and in the beautiful, in the loving and in the kind,
in the brave and in the strong, in the good and in the free,
and in everything that is faithful and true
and worth embracing forever.

Can time for us ever be a measure of distance?
Is the passing of our generations but a barrier and a wall
that creates separation and void between our ages and our years...

Alas! Is time an evil set against us?

Nay, my darling Starshine -
Not when time is an account of the heart.
For time seems distant only to those with distant hearts.

For all of time is Now, 'tis a nearness!
So shine thee the light of thy love, impress it in each moment and see
that you may from thy own illumination know and understand
from all thy comings and the goings, and despite of it -
what ever goes and what forever remains.