Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Return to Memory

What is in motion and what is not in motion when one recalls one's mind to the truth in all true things... this is the question. What is in stillness is stillness sought? What is waning and what is to remain.

Listen, starshine.

History will only benefit from our remembrance when we perceive from all that is shadow what is light and what is dark.

Everything in this life seems veiled in mist yet the choice is still ours what we see and what we refuse to see.

Everywhere people claim the right, everywhere people cry from the wrong, for all seems so easily forgot and nowhere does the labor of remembrance belong but to books and stone.

Alas! Remembrance belong not to books and stone but to the hearts of Man and to the souls of the nations of the children of Mankind!

Perceive the pages, see through the stone...
and choose to - know through - the grey rain tears of bitter things...
to seek in all thy stories - in and - across all thy nations to truly understand
what to thy plain and simple human heart - is light - to cast away the darkness
that creates trouble for all living souls.

   (War unleashes a terrible darkness
   and in its wake, a host of demons to dispel,
   but courage is to remain true to thy own humanity
   where all semblance of humanity have fled
   keeping true to thy own remembrance
   of a time within a time.

   For, my people -
   the peace of all nations is kin
   and the spirit of every labor of Country
   related both by covenant and by necessity -
   No one nation learns on its own
   and no Country matures by itself alone.)

Do you truly remember?