Friday, October 5, 2012

Political Graffiti

When the strength of our governance is held in its thrall by its love of the nation and not with itself, it is a popular government.

For it is not a popular government to be popular, it is a popular government to stand with the people, and for the people prevail.

The word I use for this is political graffiti; the worse ones are writ in steel and stone but the most prevalent ones are in paint and print.

There is nothing wrong with proper acknowledgement of persons, even elected persons must get due credit where credit is due, this is only right and just.

But when this sense of entitlement is taken out of the proper context of the Republic whole and the person becomes bigger (or have begun to think themselves to be so) than the Offices that empower his or her stewardship of a particular function of the government of the people - it becomes a dismaying display of narrow-minded self-interest over the public spirit and the common weal.

So when I see names or images bigger than the Seals or Titles of the one Republic whose ages in time shall - and must - outlast all of our lifetimes in this present time, I cringe.

I ask myself, "what kind of message does it imply to the littlest Filipino?"

That we are ruled by mere individuals vulnerable to every idiosyncratic whim and fancy and the corruption of time not by vision and laws, ideals and virtue, that under the vigilance of Almighty God stand invulnerable to the folly of Man and the ravages of time.

Who do the people serve but the national success? What ensures our destiny is not the life of individuals but the longevity of our Republic undertaking of Country - yea, and long may she live - mabuhay!

Upon this we have all committed our lives, fortunes and sacred trust, have we not?

I love us all, but I have to disagree with those who think otherwise.

This is why I support the Anti-Epal bill: May it be further argued and definitively proven to be necessary to further perfect our Republic undertaking and be made part of the laws that safeguard the same.

Shalom. Salaam. Peace. God bless us all.