Saturday, June 23, 2012

Salutation #138

No peace without adversity!
No peace is obtained through weakness.
Durable peace only comes through strength.

For as gold is purified in the fire of the Refiner,
a peace that is precious is a peace that is tried;
a peace tempered by its own will of truth,
a peace that is meaningful to all -
this is a durable peace.

It is always a gift -
a thing we must receive.

(No Peace without Adversity)

No peace without adversity -
in human terms, no virtue without vice -
in spiritual terms, no repentance without sin -
no contrasting light without the darkness;
no serenity without suffering.

No peace without adversity,
in terms of the nations (of the children) of Mankind -

A peace established from within
where cooperation and consensus take root
upon the very soul of every Country
drawing its power from the essential spirit of the nation,
expansive in its liberty, exhaustive in its understanding of all things,
evolving into works that eliminate undue fear, inordinate want,
and the slavery of all these diverse forms of oppression
growing stronger in good will and human community
one with the other, as trees in the orchard of the LORD,
as stars ordered according to each their times,
arrayed according to their constellations,
rising in their great galactic gatherings,
bursting forth against War, darkness and division
bearing edible, sweet, timeless fruit
shedding their everlasting light -
for the glory of the God
of all Mankind.

It is not the peace built from fear and force
which is that "peace" established from without
'tis like a prison - deceptive and constricting -
enslaving the spirits of nations entire
and corrupting each their own soul of Country -
adulterous, inhuman, and distrustful -
a peace built from sheer limits;
one which can never last.

   One may only imagine
   from a perspective of two thousand years
   where a false peace may lead us.

no peace without adversity!

- selah -

My brothers and sisters of the Promise,

great may these present divisions be
but greater still is our desire and our recourse
to an understanding of God and ourselves,

we must continue on our course -

unto the stars, unto destiny.

Of Virtue and Vice