Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Salutation #135

When you speak,
thy words set time forth
and imparts motion to all things
so you must be sure of thy speaking.

When you are not speaking,
you observe, you listen, you understand.

So you must be aware only of thy not speaking.

- selah -

Pay diligent heed to thy not speaking
for only in silence shall you know the words.

In the timeless,
when all things within thee are still -
you observe all things around thee in motion.

Tact is when not to speak.

(A Rock, A Hard Place, and [Diplomatic] Tact)

It is not Man's nature to wage war,
it is War's nature to wage war.

- selah -

If we bandy about with evil words
- one to another -
and in our nations do the same,
if we are indecent and respect not
the dignity of other individuals,
let alone other nations,
we are indeed sowing the seeds
of new conflicts.

But if we speak
like Men should speak
and not debase our humanity
into the level of brutes,
all men, rational men,
and not evil men who have already
slept in their souls with War,
listen to the sound of reason
and would try to avoid
harming themselves
or others like themselves.

Life - as a whole -
is not inimical to itself.

But sadly, 
my brothers and sisters of the Promise,
we live in an everyday world of contradictions;
of lies, half-truths and malice -
the veritable atmosphere of hell.

We can ill afford
to conform to it
and hope to remain human.