Friday, June 8, 2012

Salutation #132

(Starlight in thy Sight)

Let us not believe 
so easily in the darkness
when it is yet so dark
and so easy to believe
in people saying,

"it is dark!"

There are heroes
among us everywhere, my people.

From all states of life, 
diverse vocations, 
and areas of Republic service,
private as well as public, 
high as well as low,
they walk namelessly with us.

We only have to trust
that we walk among them
- while it is dark -
that we may believe
at approach of morning
that we were right to believe.

Do you understand this?

Evil will try to inspire us
to do good for the sake of its name
and cause us to believe
with the conviction of faith 
that its causes are right and just.

Darkness will by its own power
attempt to inebriate us
even unto our every soul
and in the confusion,
cause us to believe
with the affirmation of hope
that Night is Day.

Let us not believe
so easily in the darkness.

darkness that is deep
is madness!

Let us be (the opposite) 
being a people, faithful and fair -
one in heart, at-one in mind;
a Nation, true and true -
vision-inspiredhuman and just!

You may,
as a way of further understanding this Salutation,
also recall into thy mind the One Ring:

The reliquary of the spirit of Sauron,
the power of which is a hidden deception
masked by the golden shine of its grand allure;
an evil inspiration that led to the madness of Saruman,
the betrayal of Orthanc, and ultimately,
the ruin of Isengard.

The power of a myth lies in the reflection of its truth.