Sunday, November 16, 2014

Time to develop a planetary sense of good will

If species survival seems our most common reason to finally venture out to conquer the depths of space, I must say it isn't the finest. After all, who are we surviving against on this one planet?

We need time to develop a planetary sense of good will. I think we have the time, a lot of it.

However, can we choose to make the time - together this time?

In the Universal Record of the Recorder of Universes, it takes an average of 500,000 years worth of recorded history for any species of living souls to successfully evolve their civilization and ascend all it's attendant worlds from unnamed to Named.

That's a lot of time to think about... a lot of empty space to fill... space substantially better utilized more through time spent in good thought and the fruits of good thoughts which are good acts.

If the present spread of time-space is to be filled with 500,000 years worth of good thinking by any form of extant sapient planetary civilization - on the average, it would amount to brilliant energy equivalent to the lifetime collective stellar output of a single, medium sized, medium age, yellow star.

(Yes, that star. Our home star without which we may not have a home world at all. From our home star we learn that light output is our ultimate measure not darkness.)

If the universe we were to truly inhabit were a container, that particular amount of brilliance would be so incredibly minute and fleeting especially in the midst of all that is to us, dark (matter and energy). 

The fact that it really and truly does matter immediately implies that the Creator of All does not look at any of us from afar. But is very near.

And there exist a lot of darkness out there that remains to be filled and transformed - right here.

The evils of our history may seem like darkness overwhelming, true. 

We live in a universe of big violence and small truths...

Therefore, let us also be aware that in spite of our past, there might likewise exist in our universe a lot of room out there in space for more kindness right here on earth.

Choices we as a particular species of living soul has yet to make, times we have yet to fill, ages we have yet to enter, and infinities we have yet to cross - together this time, if we are peaceful and wise.

Half-a-million years less twelve thousand approximately.

(A concept excerpted from a fictional book I'm writing... truly spooky action from a distance)
Love this view from Interstellar. It provides the beholder with a truly awesome sense of scale.
Love this view of my kitty cat co-pilot (lol.)
                                                 Love this song just because...