Saturday, November 22, 2014

November Thoughts

Today morning, an interesting thing happened to me. A good citizen of our Republic asked me out of the blue if the Zodiac sign, Scorpio, is good luck. To which after a moment's thought I replied, "It is".

One has to be gentle with the truth... And truth for me is this: Though I do not personally subscribe to horoscopes, I respected that he might.

So I affirmed it for him and told him it is also my Zodiac sign. November is also my birth month, you see. In a small way, I sought to bless his day. That he may carry on his labors happily for the rest of the day.

I know though my Christian faith what decides destiny is freedom, truth, and spirit in the soul not in the temporal stars. So if I should not respect and love my fellow human beings, I'd be a liar to myself and to my God. (Moreover, as temporal heaven has fallen, those stars above us won't care. So I must.)

Life can be harsh. It is a hard battle for everybody, daily living. Indubitably.

Struggle makes all men ordinary. It makes successes extraordinary. And makes community necessary.

Across our needful world, human beings scramble about struggling to make do, looking for better and better forms of wealth, health and happiness.

It is not easy... But whatever lies ahead for anybody is better faced than not at all, easily. Because none of us can navigate through what lies ahead with our backs to the future.

This is the essence of these November thoughts. That 'tis the season to be forward facing, bravely dealing, humbly accepting in the following to follow through.

November folks know winter lies immediately ahead. Wiser ones see through what lies beyond the winter.
But the best of us November people understand (or are doggedly trying to learn to understand) that facing up to life's difficulties in a posture of faith, trust and perseverance always eventually lead to the enjoyment of better climes and brighter times. That after November... June.

Happy birthday to all of us, November folks. =^.^=

To Christmas, and beyond!