Thursday, June 12, 2014


is quite small -
so very, very small indeed. 

So small,
in fact, and so fine
that it is
to our coarseness,

It is a profound fineness
that escapes our every apprehension
of measure and shape and form,
in and among and beyond everything
we know - and shall ever know, immense -

To search for it,
one needs not look far into the temporal heavens
for what is infinite - it is nearer - to each of us
than even our own thoughts. 

Let us seek it in the smallness,
and in the stillness - pause to wonder -
how near to us timeless moments really are.

Let us therefore,
draw nearer to those infinite moments
of loving, sharing, laughing, and caring
knowing the further away from the infinite - we are,
the less these precious things that truly last
may endure with us - forever.

Love is - here. Love has been here - forever.
The real question is - where have we been?

Do not despair for moments, drifting away.
Be sad for their memories, passing away.
Forget thee not therefore, you must say.
And hold on to them tightly, everyday.