Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Salutation #196

(Egalitarianism as a Civic Virtue)

Peace be with you, 
our beloved Starshine -

All human beings are
equal creations before God.

This we are
along with all the flesh of the earth.

We exist. 

And we exist because we have a right to exist.

In all other living things with Man upon with earth,
this right to exist resides in each their common natures.

In both plants and animals alike it equally resides,
and is expressed as a common survival instinct.

In Man above all other living things of the earth,
this right to exist resides in each our persons individually.

In both male and female alike it equally resides,
and is expressed as a common longing -
not only for all of life to survive and persist
but for all of life to ultimately triumph and prevail.

We neither caused our own existence as a whole
nor did we individually sought to exist
in our world, at its present course,
before our time.

Yet here we are - we are here.

We are - because we have life.
And we are here - because we are
of the human lineages of our Mankind.

Our right to exist is a natural right. 
Our right to life is a human right. 

And proceeds from our natural right to exist.

This is our most fundamental equality.

It is a moral reality
founded upon a spiritual truth
about ourselves.

For what is natural
is inalienable
to its own reality.

What is human therefore,
is inalienable
to the reality of Man.

The preservation of this right in Man is therefore,
an ethical imperative that is universal in character.

It is also among our Nations, a sacred duty.

As citizens,
beloved of the one Creator,
we are bound to each other in the freedom
to preserve, nurture, and improve upon
our natural rights to life - and thus, to live that life
in order to advance in and among our Nation/s,
a quality of life suitable
to the progress of our Liberty.

Further Reflection -

Here in the Philippines, in this present day, we are witnessing multiculturalism anew.

Our Nation - by nature - is already a multicultural society but only on a hitherto local scale. For within our borders we enjoy a human diversity that is equal to or even exceeds what diversity the Providence of God intended from the beginning to abide within the souls of our other kindred Nations.

The richness of our human diversity should be a source of both wonder and joy to this Nation of ours... 

This is so because this self-same human diversity and its appreciation is both the cause as well as the hope of other forms of diversity in the life of lower creation.

We only impress upon the life of our animals and plants, our own understanding about life and its truths; that they were made to exist for us. And we for them.

Again, these days, we are beginning to see multiculturalism in our Nation that is regional, continental, and global in nature. And we, as a grateful people before God, should know how to welcome human diversity - and to actually love it knowing what a blessing.it is to truly understand that in this Nation of ours there is no unity without diversity.

This unity in diversity is built on our most fundamental of equality as human beings - to exist. 

And in our Nation, this is unity is made to prevail in time besides - through our citizenship with each other as we work through the economy of our generations to improve quality of life for all Filipinos - to the last of our generations at the Last Day.

(Our most fundamental civic equality being to know, seek, and do what is human, and true, and good for the other - as ourselves. That citizenship begins with the self. This is also was in essence what JFK was asking the American Nation when he said his most famous statement, "ask not...)

There truly can be no civic clarity where there exists no just human equality before God and in Country.

In animals or plants, when they shall take a life - they do so only with a knowledge of their own life.

In Man, when we shall take a life, we do so not only with a knowledge of our own life but also with that of the life of others - whether plant, animal, or human.

Any human life, each in person unique and meant by God always for completion, once willfully took by the hand of Man can not and will never be replaced. Its intended good shall always be missing in our midst... this is true - no matter what the externals may seem.

Yet the same challenges we will as a Nation face - undiminished; the same demand for virtue and its fruits God shall require of our labor of Country - in every generation.

Let us remember this, my Country, that we may thwart among ourselves the unbecoming devices of the evil and unwelcome spirit of past times -

Skin is innocent. Sin is not. (i.e. the sin of inequality)

Racism, in all its ugly appearances, has no place here in the Philippines.

We are all the colors of life. What is superior here is what is - in spirit and truth - faithful.

For the color of Gold is in our national standard.

It is the color of all things about ourselves - true and everlasting.

Genesis 9:16