Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Salutation #34

The Enemy of the Nations will establish a Desolation.

And he will call it "Peace".

(A Vision of the Desolation)

I saw in a dream
- a few days before the Easter Triduum of 2009 -
a prominent list of atrocities
listed according to their heinousness.
Their frequency was from the most heinous to the least inhuman act
with the most heinous one to be committed against the people twice a year.

There was a camp
much like Bergen-Belsen.
But it was not a dream about the Holocaust.
It was a dream about another Holocaust.

There were people (of every nation)
in the middle of the night,
civilians - men, women, children -
being thrown whole
(to be consumed body and soul)
by faceless men in uniform
into a smoking pit in the ground
and from out of this pit was thick smoke -
the smoke of poison gas.

There was no sound to the dream
only this terrible feeling of growing horror
at this appalling vision in greyscale
unfolding before the eye of my heart.

I felt powerless.
An increasing sense of panic overtook me,
wanting for the dream to end...

(produced 20110710)