Saturday, June 15, 2013

Carpe Diem

Do you still not know why the Stars call you, Old Defiant?

93,000 souls lost to us in Syria. I can not even begin to imagine such indeterminable damage being inflicted on our nation without the heart of our people breaking... I just can not.

God help the Syrian people wherever they may be, may the LORD keep each of them, and may God gather them all in safety and peace, according to His necessary purposes in time and upon the earth, preserving them each in their humanity.

No nation on this earth at this present age of maturity of all human remembrances can withstand such agony without flinching. Yet the hurting, the weeping, and the dying continues unabated.

No, the conflict in Syria I believe has morphed into something else. This is no longer a civil war. What it has now become is a greater regional war concealed as a battle for the Soul of the Syrian Nation.

The incomprehensible pain of all this unrestrained fighting have now given rise to a conflict fueled by a much more deeper division. And there are greater dangers concealed in the midst.

Our Peacekeepers have to be extra alert. Everything vital about the UN mission on the Golan have to be made clear to them and to us, the one Filipino people, so that it should stand out starkly - bright against what we are trying to hold back by our commitment to guard those heights.

We have to be lucid. We have to take care.

My compatriots, this is perhaps, one of those defining moments... we have come to the lead position in this respect, to find a crossroads in the forest of time - we have to take a path for our family of nations, we have to seize the day.

Against the gathering storm, Austria has pulled out its troops on the Golan. We all must understand we now hold the line on the Golan and this line has to hold. It has to hold.

We have to understand, at least in this present time, this moment is ours.

God bless us all, mabuhay!