Friday, March 22, 2013

Salutation #174

(Holy Week 2013)

Dearest Starshine,
of the Christian communities
scattered like the stars - among all the stars -
spread across the nations of the children of Mankind
with peace and love, I salute you -

In His Sacred Humanity
Jesus Christ the Incarnate Word
deigned to show unto all mankind
the Face of the Father of all living souls,
the one God of all heaven and earth,
despite the nakedness of our humanity
that we may in our own suffering
utterly and completely identify
with the LORD's longing for our love.

In the terrible suffering of Jesus
in His Passion and death by Crucifixion
and in the desolation of the Crucified Christ
the LORD has chosen, for all our good,
even before our exile was begun,
to bear with all of our common humanity
the depths of our pain and tribulations in this life
shouldering with each of us, the cross of our sufferings
- even unto death, even an ignominious death on a lonely Cross -
that through the same Passion and Blood of Christ
God may bridge for each of us the dark and infinite chasm
of the original sin that stole all our generations away
from the True and Eternal Light of His Presence
and the glorious Eden of our perfect Peace
with God and with each other.

And in the glory of His Risen Person
Jesus Christ kept for each of us - His Holy Wounds -
to remind us, always to always - over and over and over -
   through every faithful commemoration of Holy Mass
   the infinite grace of His seven Sacraments,
   and the presence of His Church here on earth,
of the wondrous power and unimaginable greatness
of God's fufilling love for all His creatures.

- selah -

The faith of our common baptism
gives us a share in the hope of this Victory,
the innermost life of our Christianity
being a constant celebration of Christ's love
- this mighty and mysterious Love -
that came at the heights of our unknowing
that even in the midst of all our un-loving
God may by His overcoming Love
save us all.

Alleluia, alleluia!
Truly, truly, how great is our God -
How majestic His mysteries,
how glorious His truths!

May the Holy Spirit bless each of us
with a renewed vigor of our Christian faith
that we may again live its glories
here on our earthly sojourn
for Christ and the peace of His Kingdom
at the approach of this
Holy Week 2013.

May the Blessed Virgin Mary,
Queen of all our hearts, pray for us.
And may our Lady ever accompany us
unto the completion of God's work
in each our lives, as she did Her Son.


O my Jesus,
zealous for souls,
thirsting for the love of mankind.

Come my Jesus
be Thou the God of my heart
and accomplish in me Thy will of peace.