Friday, March 1, 2013

Peace is Present

These times when we do not know who or what is trying to prevent us from becoming, let them be - what is important is that we know where we are going, that we have a path and a vision:

So with all these things happening right now, let me get us back to the foundation of why peace is key -

Do you know why I am so concerned about the peace process? 

Firstly, because Peace happens in the Now: 

Peace is Present. You must always remember this -

It is never a thing that was nor can it be a thing that shall be - if not for today. 

We, as one nation, really have to get interested in it. We have to want it enough to seek it and we have 2000 years worth of information in our history with all nations to process this truth.

This is why, as individual citizens, we have to work hard to bring our remembrances forward into our hearts - here and now. 

We have to pray for it and work for it - in whatever way we can, large or small, known or unknown, utilizing the freedom of whatever gift or vocation we have received - in whatever state of life we have chosen before the LORD, our God. 

We have to want it enough to seek it.

For if peace is not in our minds here and now, we shall never obtain it from the God Who Is, the LORD, For He is God. That is my first point - complacency is deadly

Especially in this new age of spirit and thought.

Secondly, because in 20 or so years if we do not make ourselves better for our being united and focused as a nation, if we do not as one Republic obtain together the peace which is our shelter - there is a great probability that we shall never recover. The hardships and the darkness we see and know here and now will thus become permanent.

Let me not dictate it to you now: You only have to look at the world around us to validate this for yourself.

And if this happens, not only do we lose our potential as a nation, for which we are each accountable for - all our other kindred nations will also forever lose what good we Filipinos have to give to our world so much in need of it - and this place of earth will wane all the more darker for our not wanting the light.

And we will all answer to God at during Judgment Day for our lack of appreciation for the gift and the grace of nationhood. 

Our citizenship with each other might be something we undervalue in this materialistic times, undervalue so much that we may often times underestimate the truth of its excellence and worth.

It is a real treasure in these ever-changing times.

Did one think we were come to this life without rhyme nor reason? If so, perhaps one did also likewise think that the nations of our world exist only to thirst for their own destruction? 

No, you are not - and no, we are not - to everything there is a time and a season under heaven: For God is in heaven and the Throne of the LORD in Eternity - all will be well, all will be well.

So let us reflect and let us pray about our commitment to God and to each other that we may with much patience and hope succeed - against all adversity - in the common task before our hearts and our hands of building a better place in time for us and for our generations to the last of our generations - mabuhay!

"Public's participation is vital in the peace process as peace agreements are going to need the work of many people and not just the OPAPP alone." - Sec. Ging Deles


Nakalilito man
at madilim ang mundo,
mga kapatid ko sa Pangako,
huwag tayong mabahala
at huwag mawalan ng loob -
huwag matakot sa gabi!

Pananalig sa Diyos,
kapayapaan sa ating bansa;
kagandahang loob sa bawa't isa
bunga nang pagkakapatirang
namumuhay sa ating diwa,
at pagmamahal natin sa ating
nag-iisang sambayanang Pilipinas -
ito ang lagi nating maaasahan;
ang ating kanlungan sa gabi
at daan tungo sa umaga.