Saturday, August 6, 2011


Awakening the Dream

IF WE ACHIEVE THE DREAM of peace in our times, my honorable compatriots, we shall unlock the true potential of our nation meaningfully engaged in realizing its promise as the one Republic of the Philippines - for all our people and for all our generations - a home away from Home for all Filipinos.

Achieve the political peace by or before the end of 2012. This is one of the conditions necessary for our nation to enter into the new age in peace with God and in harmony with the season that the LORD has set forth before all nations.

The political peace is the negotiated peace between the GRP and the MILF and represents the will of our leaderships to mend the internal disagreements that have led to the conflict.

This peace on paper is distinct from the national peace which is the actual work of mending our communities, of accommodating, reconciling and realizing our common hopes, one with another.

To set our own expectations aright, my fellow Filipino compatriots, the process of obtaining from the LORD, our national peace, is a distinct labor apart from the political peace process being undertaken by the GRP and the MILF and must be understood as such.

The national peace is the labor of our national whole.

Achieving the national peace (2012-2045) for our one Republic will take us much longer and will require a deeper conviction but is a labor which we can not begin nonetheless joined together as one Republic undertaking of Country without a prior peace on paper.

God shall bless our nation for being loyal to the mission He has invested in all human nations which is to give shelter to its communities against War and the darkness of exile as a particular endeavor of Country upon the earth and through these necessary graces, deepen our conviction to prosper the peace for ourselves and our posterity.

I should remind us now that most of us here today have never even known this peace.

Our leaderships at this point in time must also bear in mind and heart that peace in its general form is absolutely present in the greater will of the one Filipino nation from whom they all draw their sovereign authority and unto whom we all belong by birth, by common desire, and by the will of Divine Providence.

In this world caught adrift in the ebb and flow tides of exile time, my beloved brothers and sisters of the Promise, from the nation we all shall begin, from the nation we all shall return.

So let us take this truth to heart and put a paramount value on the peace of our national communities.

- selah -

Truly, my beloved people, there is a greater season at work here and we should be mindful of it because it involves matters much larger in their scope than our internal divisions. I hope all the recent goings-on in our world gives our own peace process a deeper perspective.

Having said this, I am encouraged by the recent meeting between President Noy and Chairman Murad in Tokyo - mabuhay po kayo!

I am also thankful for the government of Japan for getting better involved in this vital process for my Country reminding all concerned parties that achieving peace in our Philippines will also add to the greater good of our local region and of our home continent of Asia.

A Word on Philippine Electoral Culture -

There are no losers in an honest election. But in a dishonest election, the whole nation is the loser.

The Highest Office -

The highest Office in a Republic is the LORD's as the one Sovereign of all nations, God, our first defender and one Source of all our relationships.

All other Offices are established according to their nobility. Nobility, of course, being a substance of character that bears a quality of love for the common people.

Now, the noblest Office in a Republic is the Office of the President and forms at the center of the sheltering wings of government; wings that must fully embrace our one nation in the Peace of an undertaking of Country and this Country for us is the one Republic of the Philippines.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Mabuhay ang Japan! God bless us all.

Being Present for Peace