Friday, August 5, 2011


Man is a creature of possibilities. Therefore, know your limits. But do not allow yourself to be defined by them.

Salutation #45

(The Gift)

You know in your heart, dear Starshine,
you belong to something greater than thee!

Now there is a dream that lives in thy every spirit
and this truth in thee gives thy soul its powers of flight.
It is present in all thy reaching out to both heaven and earth
for thy dream is an irreplaceable fragment of a greater dreaming.

You are a person called to the labor of the earth;
a citizen purposed by God for the peace of thy nations;
a promise born into the great dreaming of the exile children of Mankind;
thy soul summoned by Our Creator from the nothingness of the void;
a unique fragment of what once was now reside as a mystery in thy own self.

In thy every heart,
you long for thy own place in time,
in so many ways of expressions unique to each of thee
yet each equally true according to thy reaching out
for that same timeless seeking for answers
to the one question that lay at the very beginning of thy being
beckoning thee unto a memory exceedingly sublime
- neither past, present, nor future -
when the Heavens above thee were one,
and the Earth was at one with its own native Sky.
When the portals of Eternity were open and attentive to thy humanity
and the Throne of the LORD burst forth with a golden radiance
embracing all things everywhere with the splendor of the glory of God.
When the Presence of the LORD was upon the face of the Earth,
ministering freely to all thy worlds, within and without,
calling forth all creatures to God, and fruition, and constant felicity;
blessing all the realms of creation with every abundance and in all truth.
When the Light of the LORD filled thy Earth and Sky,
uniting all living beings, seen and unseen,
into the glorious Peace of the one great belonging of God.

Your happiness is a freedom to search for the answers
to that one longing that lives in thy every heart -
a longing that the LORD has for thee lovingly invested
born of a promise thy Creator has laid at the seat of thy own soul;
a freedom to give shape thy every life's purpose
and a hope to whet thy faith for the things of heaven
to stir thy heart unto a remembrance of God
and in God a remembrance of all things in each thy behalf.

For thy common salutation is Peace
so mean it well for this Peace is of a truth;
a good that is beyond all understanding.

Mabuhay po tayong lahat! Peace. Salaam. Shalom. God bless all His nations of the one family of the nations of Mankind.

Everybody have a great weekend!


I AM the unsung song
that lives within a dream;
the seed within a soul.

Every infinite universe
embraced from within
the heart of God.

I am the road
not the destiny,

I am the journey
not the destination,
I am the dreaming
not the dream,
I am the becoming,
not the being,
I am the singing,
not the song,
I am the climb
not the peak,
I am what soars!

I begin with a praise -
I breathe the air,
and cry out loud:
Alleluia to the LORD!

I end with a praise -
I lift my head,
and bow my heart:
Alleluia to the LORD!

I am heartsong.

Virtue of Truthfulness

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