Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Kindred Spirits

They say, my fellow Filipino compatriots, that blood is thicker than water. But what they say these days is not complete. The truth has become obscured in the darkness. Because while it is true that blood is thicker than water, water runs deeper than blood.

When we were born, for the first few months of our lives, we were - each of us - citizens of all creation, seen as well as unseen. Of this same truth is established the bonds of nations, water bonds that run deeper than blood ties. For we were when we were yet too young to remember, we were each a citizen of all nations.

In the haste and the confusion of daily living, water bonds become quite easy to forget. Indeed, they take an amount of effort and grace to constantly remember.

But it is essential to the practice of peace and good will to bear these greater citizenships always in mind and heart. For these are the bonds awaken us to the reality of the greater good; these are the relationships that quicken our souls to the willing service and care of the good of others more than ourselves.

For as human beings, we all belong to the All of creation, seen and unseen, through bonds of Sacred Life and as Christians, these water bonds are further fortified by our common baptism in the LORD, our God - the one, living God of all the living.

Blood and Water

Life and Time

When times become uncertain, as these times are, we must always bear in mind: Time has an arrow because life has an order and a purpose.

So when we observe the Sabbath, in the day of our public worship, let our minds and our hearts be constantly mindful: Life belongs to God, time belongs to Man. Life is sacred and time exists for Sacred Life.

The Arrow of Time

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! God bless us all.