Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Interlude

Found in the interlude between hope and hope - is a prayer
and this prayer is lifted by those wings both left and right
that from both near and far they may soon take flight
unto God and the Light, and an end to the night.

I wrote this and posted it on my Facebook page around Christmas time -

Believe me, Connecticut,
the hurt you feel is bigger than yourself
and this is not such a bad thing...

It only means that it must be shouldered
by something much more than
just your own community.

We feel it here too...

I feel it when I think about the things
that must be done to rightly remember the fallen
after this season is over...

It is indeed confusing
to experience such a thing,
especially during a season
such as Christmas.

(We had a Yuletide typhoon [Pablo]
that took and orphaned many of our own children;
it struck us in the south but was felt all over my nation.)

If only we could forget it all...
even for just a moment.

But since we can not forget,
we certainly may (and must) rely on the shelter
of the peace of our togetherness
in this hour of suffering.

may the words,
deeds and prayers
of all people of good will
be with you...and with all of us.

That God may soon
bring us peace.

Things today, they stir... as they always must.
For the nation must now endeavor to right itself.

As the survivors struggle to piece together their lives -
may we all find strength in the quiet we found in the interlude;
in that solemn silence, at each somber vigil, by that respectful calm
let the actions demanded by the needs of the day be always tempered.

If there is a means to be found,
to advance the end by which every citizen
is empowered by the Bill of Rights to bear arms
let this be a solution that works,
let it be a national solution.

For if the worst happened in Sandy Hook -
if things are not now made right in their memory,
(and the memory of all who under similar guises 
have been so brazenly stolen from our midst)
how shall next one be... but unbearable?

Grounds for unity in hope must be broken 
that common foundations may be established
in the building up of new mores and strictures
sanctified by the remembrance of these things
- if they are not yet made - must now be made.

Thy togetherness, America, as a nation
not thy lingering divisions - is the only force -
capable of making it right - for all of thee!

Be thus, O Land of the Brave,
that thou may ever know
this is for certain -

Unity is Eternal.

I have my own proposal
to add to the growing pool of ideas
toward a workable solution to the problem
of gun-related violence in the US
as well as in the Philippines...

It is called Gun SMART 
and it's still a work in progress...