Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Salutation #164

The real answer
to the question of poverty in our age
may not be more but BETTER forms of prosperity.

(The Question of Wealth)

darling Starshine -
what is it?

- selah -

"What is wealth?" -  beloved,
is a question we should each know
how to ask the citizen in each ourselves.

For the recognition of wealth -
its forms, orders of value, real purpose in time,
generation, preservation, conservation,
and ultimate possession -
is the central question being sought
(to be sufficiently grasped and understood)
by each our answering - in our own times and places -
the collective call of each our own undertaking of Country.

The answers - that each of us are -
whose completeness in the ascent - as a whole -
(like stars finding their way together
into every new morning of every new day
unto the completion of our Country)
drive forward the economy of our generations.

the singular - temporal - pre-occupation
of every nation (of the children of Mankind)
is how to adequately understand
the question of wealth.

it is important to understand this question.

how one nation understands the Question
directs its timeless energies unto the answer...
even... precious starshine, all the way.

Ask yourself:
is money - by itself -
wealth enough?

can be good.

- BUT -

can be bad.


what (or who) makes it so?

Questions ask, answers answer.