Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Tree of the Desolation of War

Those who live to nurture
the tree of the desolation of war
shall certainly eat of its fruit
and the fruits of war is plain
and bitter forever.

let us return now to the native peace of our nations -
that we may eat of the fruit that sustains our humanity,
that we may be a support to each other as citizens,
that we may be a blessing to each other as nations,
that we may reflect the glory of the God heaven on earth.

an orchard filled with trees
of many kinds.

All of the trees in the orchard
bore good fruit save for one.

There was a tree
at the center of the orchard
that bore no fruit at all.

It was the largest tree of all.
It was also the most ancient of all.

It's great and lofty branches
overshadowed a third of the orchard.
It blocked out much of the sky.

And it drew up nourishment
from the soil meant for other trees.

the number of trees in the orchard was fixed
by the owner from the beginning.

To each tree he assigned
from among all of his laborers in the field,
a custodian.

For the owner had much property to tend
and not enough workers.

To each custodian in the orchard, 
the owner assigned a specific yield. 

And for this yield he gave a specified time.

He then left to find more workers.

- selah -

The trees are our nations

The great tree at the center of the orchard 
is the desolation of war. 

The custodians are the angels of the nations 
who are the keepers of our sacred remembrances. 

The owner is the LORD, 
the one Sovereign of all nations. 

And we are the workers.

But the custodian of the desolation of war 
is the great serpent of faded Eden. 

And he bids us 
- constantly - 
not to tend to our trees. 

At the very door of our hearts, 
the enemy of all human nations 
calls us not to serve
and to commit adultery
against our own humanity.

Time came 
and a great darkness fell upon our nations: 

The great cycle of the one celestial season is turning: 
Winter now approaches our time on earth.

Let us then work 
to complete our own remembrances 
with autumn leaves shed 
not so much for winter's sake 
but for the spring.

Let us turn away from the darkness.

Let us tend to each our own trees. 

And bear the good fruit of repentance.

Let us fight for the Causes 
that have established us 
a free and human nation: 

Sacred Life, Law, Justice, and Benignity.

Let us compete in virtue 
- as citizens to each other - 
and produce for God and for each other 
a yield of good works, ten-fold, 
a hundred-fold, even a thousand-fold!

Starve out the serpent, O my nation! 

And let our generations prosper far into their years...

Born to the Morning: 
This is our land and Now is our time.

Because now is the time for peace.

This is our time.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! God bless us all.

Have thou now forgotten
that promise long ago?
Return now to the wonder
and never let go.